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The non profit you want to support - and that wants to support you. 

Lending a Helping Hand

Have you ever felt alone? Like nobody would believe you? It wouldn't matter what you say? That asking for help would allow others to see your weakness? That nobody really cares? That life only feels like it's getting worse? That speaking up would cause you to lose everything? 

If so, please continue to read and see for yourself that hope is right here at your fingertips today. 


We understand how it feels to be at that point in your life where you don't know how you got there, how to get out of it what is even happening, and that nagging question - is this even abuse or am I just too sensitive? You start to question yourself - your every move - and that is the reason you do not know whom and what information to trust. We get it!


We are here for you, with you, and beside you. All you have to do is contact us! We want to be that lending hand that you can trust. Because when we were in that situation, that's what we needed and wanted. Someone that listens and believes what is said, in a safe and confidential setting. You are not alone and NODBODY deserves to be hurt, used, or abused. 

It is NOT your fault and the way you feel is okay. There is hope. There is a chance and always a different way! We are here to support and encourage you to reach out to community resources (we will show you where to find them). We can connect you to crisis hotlines, support groups, shelters, mental health services, create safety plans or anything else you may need. We will NEVER pressure you into anything! We will stay by your side until the time is right on your timeline. Our main priority is your safety. 

We can accompany you to court or other legal entities - YOU are NOT alone! Contact us at any time and we can reach for the stars together! 

A Supportive Hug
Support Group

We are a group of women that were empowered through our abuse and our goal is to set out to change the world into a better place by bringing attention to this topic and lending a helping hand to those that have no strength left. Through schooling and college, we gained a lot of expertise, as well as out in the field and are learning more every day. After all, knowledge is power. 

We want to raise as much awareness as we can to help support our most vulnerable women and children. One of our team members is a private investigator, security specialist and strong domestic violence advocate. Very often, she finds herself in a courthouse with a victim for protection. She is very passionate about this and you can reach her at any time. These services (executive protection for victims) are at no cost for the victim. However, the expenditure gets offset by donations when possible (Funding for DV programs are significantly declining) and if not, she is providing everything out of her own pocket. 

Another advocate is a DV victim herself, and also a very ardent Domestic Violence awareness supporter. We all work out of our office together as a team - as a family - and invite you to become a part of it! 


Let’s Work Together

Whether you are in need of resources, services, or interested in volunteering with us at Titan Legacy Aid--we would love to hear from you!

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